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Swedish massage is a gentle yet firm massage focused on reducing stress, easing sore muscles improving circulation and relaxation.  It is commonly referred to as Relaxation or Circulatory or Wellness massage.                                   $35 / 30 min         $60 / 60 min     $95 / 90 min

Hot Stone massage features hot/warm basalt or river rocks used for any type of massage to aid in relaxation, reducing stress, anxiety, aching muscles, and depression by releasing a specific muscle or warming a meridian point. The heated stones can be placed on the spine and/or between the toes expanding blood vessels and allowing blood to flow, or held in the therapists hands as they rub and manipulate your tissue warming muscles and releasing toxins. In some versions of stone massage, cooled stones are also used to enhance the effect.                               $80 / 60-75 min                               

Deep Tissue or Sports massage involves the assessment, manipulation and movement of soft tissue to reduce pain and dysfunction to restoring structural balance. Pressure may be applied across deep layers of tissue. Manual Compression, Active Range of Motion, and postural reintegration are techniques used. It helps with chronic muscular pain and injury rehabilitation and reduces inflammation-related pain caused by arthritis and tendinitis. Target areas may be sore after the work and bruising may occur. It is generally integrated with other massage techniques.                            $40 / 30 min         $70 / 60 min         $110 / 90 min   

Reiki involves balancing the life force energy (ki or chi) flow of an individual and activating their own natural healing energy. During a session the client may experience a variety of sensations and it is not unusual for there to be an emotional release. While commonly the practitioner places their hands on the client, reiki may be performed with minimal physical contact. The client may choose to be fully clothed during the session.                             $60 / session (approx 60-75 min)   

Fusion Massage with Reiki Treatment this is a 60 minute full body therapeutic massage that uses essential oils and is topped off with a 15-20 minute mini reiki session to help balance the body's energy.        $75 / 75-80 min

Hot Bamboo Massage involves using heated bamboo sticks to provide a relaxing yet therapeutic deep tissue massage that promotes improved circulation, restores proper structural balance while reducing toxins held in the body.  For those who find traditional deep tissue work too painful this technique may provide the solution they seek.                $80 / 60-75 min      $115 / 90-100 min 

Tandem/Couples massage is a massage session in which two individuals simultaneously receive treatment in the same room. Each client will have a therapist working on them. While commonly performed upon couples this treatment is also enjoyed by mothers and daughters or close friends.   $135 / 60 min           $195 / 90 min       

Dual massage  this includes a full body Swedish massage by one therapist while another therapist uses subtle energy techniques to balance and rejuvenate.       $70 / 30 min       $130 / 60 min         $195 / 90 min

Chair massage* is a fully clothed, seated, upper body massage generally done for quick revitalization and stress relief. Seated massage includes bodywork and somatic techniques, such as shiatsu, amma, and Swedish massage.      $1.00 / min    

* We also offer this service on site in offices or social gatherings. Please contact us to make arrangements.



 Prices may vary - please clarify exact pricing before session.

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